Linda Forbes

Associate director of marketing

Linda Forbes with a globe


334 Mrak Hall
530-752-9839 (office)
530-219-0488 (mobile)

Learn more about Linda Forbes on LinkedIn and follow her @linda4marketing.

When Strategic Communications launches an integrated marketing communications campaign for UC Davis, Linda provides leadership and support in strategic planning, design and messaging, project management, market analysis and measuring outcomes. You’ll find her working on everything from writing snappy headlines to wrangling complex advertising spreadsheets to ensure the best cost-per-click.

Linda thrives on building relationships across the institution to promote consistent communication of the value and impact of UC Davis, internally and externally. She helps build audience awareness and engagement with the university through innovative campaigns and stories. 

Formerly a marking director in a CPA firm where she led the development of an award-winning “Proud To Be Boring Accountants” brand, Linda joined UC Davis in 2012. She brings more than a decade of marketing leadership experience in software, professional services and nonprofit organizations and has experience as a postsecondary English instructor.

She holds a master of arts degree in English from Mills College, a teaching credential from UC Berkeley and a bachelor’s degree in English from UC Santa Barbara. 

In her spare time, Linda sings in a bossa nova band, plays with her energetic (OK, hyperactive) dog, writes poetry and dreams of traveling to faraway places. 

Music I listen to

Indie, blues, R&B, house, new age, soul. Almost anything but polka.

Random fact

I’ve been to 25 countries, most of them more than once, and I’ve lived in 15 cities (some of those more than once as well).

Thing that really baffles me

Cruelty to other living things