Melissa Lutz Blouin

Portrait of Melissa Lutz Blouin


334 Mrak Hall
530-752-2542 (office)
530-564-2698 (mobile)

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Director of News and Media Relations

Melissa Lutz Blouin leads the news and media relations team at UC Davis, a group of talented and hard-working individuals who provide the public and the media with the most up-to-date information about campus research and events. She serves as a campus spokesperson and an adviser to faculty and department communicators across campus.

Melissa has more than 20 years of communications experience at institutions of higher education. She began her career as a chemistry major, but decided that she enjoyed communicating about science more than the actual lab work. She attended the science communication program at UC Santa Cruz, then spent six years working in journalism, covering everything from living with HIV to exploring the physiology of hibernation. She founded the science and research communications program at the University of Arkansas, including a research magazine, Research Frontiers, still in publication today. She also led a team of communicators at UF Health, where she was responsible for overseeing science communications, media relations and crisis communications for the health system.

Melissa lives in West Sacramento with her husband Curt and their tuxedo cat and rescue Lab.


Dancing, hiking, knitting, a good book, a day on the water, a cup of hot tea, traveling.

Favorite books

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez; my childhood favorite is Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell.

What inspired me to do what I do

I’m a curious nerd who always loved reading, writing and science, so communications at a university provides a perfect opportunity to indulge in all three things.

Random fact about me

I have a master’s degree in French literature and speak French fluently.