Kimberly Hale

Interim director of News and Media Relations

Portrait of Kimberly Hale


334 Mrak Hall
530-752-9838 (office)
530-574-7471 (mobile)

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Kim manages the news and media relations team at UC Davis – a job the team makes easier by being really smart and really good at what they do. She also serves as a campus spokesperson as well as a media advisor and strategist to faculty and department communicators across campus.

As a young college graduate armed with a degree in Political Science and a dream of saving the world, Kim headed off to Washington, DC where she worked for two prominent members of Congress and one presidential campaign. At that point she decided a quieter life in communications off the Hill was in order. Ah…youth. Nearly 20 years and a few grey hairs later, Kim hasn’t slowed down but has a treasure trove of communications experience gleaned from working with non-profits, NGOs, universities and Fortune 500 companies that she’s glad to be sharing with UC Davis.

A Chicago native, and life-long Cubs fan, Kim is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma that has adapted quite nicely to Aggie blue (she loves her Sooners, but red is not a good color for her).

Favorite Things:

Travel (particularly any place with a great beach or great food); the Chicago Cubs; and my purebred mutt, Bailey.

Biggest Fear:

You know that scene in the first Indiana Jones movie where he gets dropped into a pit of snakes? Yeah, Indy and I have a lot in common.

Guilty Pleasure:

Binge-watching Masterpiece Classic on a lazy weekend. And I’m a bit of a sci-fi geek. Star Wars (okay, I could have lived without Jar Jar Binks), Star Trek, you name it. I blame my mother.