Karla Fung

Social media manager

Karla Fung in a portrait


334 Mrak Hall
530-752-3697 (office)
530-219-2599 (mobile)

Learn more about Karla on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter @karlafung.

Karla made her return to UC Davis after graduating 10 years ago. Needless to say, she feels right at ease being on campus. As social media manager, she works closely with the social media team to produce creative ways to tell the UC Davis story.

Online communications have been a part of her life since the early days of AOL, which sparked her interest in how people connect through technology. When Karla was a freshman, Friendster and MySpace started to shape the social networking landscape and then shortly after, Facebook expanded to UC Davis. Little did Karla know then that she would have a career in social media today.

Prior to joining UC Davis in 2016, she worked in local politics, news media and a public relations and advertising agency. At the agency, she focused on integrating public relations and advertising campaigns with social media. She has been the voice behind many brands regionally, statewide and nationally over the last seven years, ranging in industries from retail to behavior change to a German brewery.


Cooking, hiking and my two pit bull mutt rescues.

If I won a million dollars

I’d buy a cabin in Tahoe. Wait, that would take all of my money — I’d fly first class to Tahiti.

Favorite books

The Little House on the Prairie series (I’m not kidding), The Lost Wife, Into the Wild, The Joy Luck Club, Wild, Wuthering Heights