Tim McConville

Multimedia specialist

Tim McConville doing a wheeling on a mountain bike in the redwoods


44 Mrak Hall
530-752-3844 (office)
530-400-1066 (mobile)

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Tim grew up on a small farm in Indiana and always enjoyed being outside riding his bike and playing in the woods. Not much has changed since he moved to California in 2007. He spends his free time camping, hiking, skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking.

He received his Bachelor of Science degree in digital film and video productions in 2014 from the Art Institute of California — Sacramento. During his career, he worked as a freelance cinematographer and has been on the production crew of several feature length films.

Since he joined UC Davis in 2016 as a multimedia specialist for the Strategic Communications Office, Tim has enjoyed producing videos and motion graphics for the university.  

Tim lives in Sacramento with his wife, Carolyn. On the weekends, they can be found packing up the truck and heading out for an adventure.

Best advice

If you can’t fix it with gaffer tape, you’re not using enough gaffer tape.

Super power

I can travel through time at the speed of time.

Guilty pleasure

Watching TV all day and eating way too much junk food.