A Fresh Look for a Campus Icon

The new UC Davis Stores logo

The new design of the UC Davis Stores logo reflects the energy and diversity of our campus community.


  • Close partnership with client
  • Assessed contemporary store identity and design
  • Reviewed audience data
  • User experience and client requirements led the process
  • Circle motif reflects the unique UC Davis community


Create an identity for UC Davis Stores that will:

  • gracefully coexist with existing UC Davis identity
  • express that UC Davis Stores is a house-run, noncorporate enterprise
  • provide a sense of excitement and energy appropriate to a retail audience
  • reflect the overarching goals of being a modern retail store that is uniquely UC Davis and serving the growing student population  


A unique and colorful identity for a retail store that is infused with the UC Davis values of community, collaboration, innovation and diversity.

The creative team reviewed the architectural drawings of the remodeled store and toured the under-construction site. Working with the marketing team and the client, we fashioned a creative brief to guide our process.

Using iterative sketching and maintaining client involvement we zeroed in on an appropriate direction and began producing creative decks to help the client visualize the final outcome.

With two subsequent client presentations we narrowed the choices to a final, successful design that met all requirements of our charge and resulted in a look that was fresh and effective.

The work was recently completed; analytics are limited. The client was thrilled, and early, anecdotal evidence suggests that the target audience is pleased.

Photo: Bookstore panorama
Design for a decorative panel: Student with tarantula
Photo: Products and decorative panels at the bookstore
Design for a decorative panel: Unicyclist