Measured success

Strategic Communications metrics

Marketing/Creative Communications

  1. Brand measurement (alumni, prospective students, and CA residents)
  2. Paid media (online)

News & Media Relations

  1. Earned media
  2. Specific metrics regarding overall media mentions, influential outlet and blog mentions, mentions by media type

Web Communication

  1. Homesite, news site, magazine site metrics
  2. Social media

We’re always measuring and optimizing with the goal of generating positive outcomes. Here are some recent examples:

Newborn foal story

  • Over 204K page views in the first 5 days
  • Over 125K video views
  • More than double our average reading time — over 6 min
  • 1,912 clicks, comments and shares on UC Davis’ Facebook page
  • Over 66K total Facebook shares

One California campaign

  • News/web/marketing team efforts increased UC Davis ag media coverage by 17% over pre-campaign numbers
  • Thousands of clips in major national pubs - New York Times, Forbes, NPR, Time Magazine, many others
  • 97 million impressions
  • A click-through rate 10x better than the average click-through rate for education-related digital campaigns
  • Batanga program effectively reached Spanish-speaking targets as the top-performing platform after Twitter