Promoting the first-ever institutionwide branding campaign

Photo: One card stunt during Aggie basketball game

UC Davis students show their unity in supporting the men’s basketball team during a game televised on ESPN.

Our roles

  • Goal/need assessments
  • Creative briefs
  • “Toolkit” website
  • Communication strategies

Goal: Persuade communicators across our university to adopt the “One UC Davis” campaign while helping them connect their units’ strategic goals with those of the university and the branding campaign.

Outcome: Effective adoption of “One UC Davis” among the colleges, schools and other units

The “One UC Davis” campaign addresses our university’s need to consistently communicate our brand and story. This integrated marketing/branding campaign was UC Davis’ first-ever institutionwide effort, and it required strategic consultation and support to roll it out effectively. The collaboration that connected many groups under a common communication platform and brand promise transformed our office’s relationship with campus communicators. In fact, it ultimately became a major benefit of the project.

During the rollout, our office worked closely with communicators to encourage ideas, offer resources and coordinate efforts. For instance, we worked with the UC Davis Health System to integrate the campaign with fall open enrollment. We also presented the campaign at monthly meetings and created a “toolbox” website with templates for easy integration of the brand look and feel for materials being developed by units.

Our most significant leadership effort occurred when we met with lead communicators in all major schools, colleges and units to discuss their needs and goals. We helped them develop branding creative briefs and recommended strategies that aligned with the goals of the campaign and our institution. We delivered 16 sets of recommendations in 2013 as part of that effort.

Screen grab of One UC Davis site home page
One UC Davis poster
One UC Davis banner
Photo: One UC Davis banner on the Quad
Health system One UC Davis ad
One UC Davis swag