Creative Communications

The UC Davis story is best told when words and images work together to convey messages that engage the target audience.

Collaborating with marketing departments within the university, this unit produces creative materials that drive the UC Davis brand. It approaches communication challenges holistically — with the goal to create integrated programs that connect at an emotional level.

Consisting of thinkers, with expertise in design, writing, videography and photography, the creative communication unit is on a quest to better understand consumer behavior in order to help build and elevate the reputation of UC Davis.

Sunny Teo's portrait

Sunny Teo

Director of Creative Communications
334 Mrak Hall
530-752-9667 (office)
530-219-8389 (mobile)

John Mounier's portrait

John Mounier

Associate Director of Visual Communications
44 Mrak Hall
530-752-3845 (office)
530-219-4393 (mobile)

Russ Thebaud leaning on a tree

Russ Thebaud

Senior Creative Analyst
44 Mrak Hall

Jay Leek's portrait

Jay Leek

Senior Graphic Designer
44 Mrak Hall

Portrait of Karin Higgins

Karin Higgins

Principal Photographer
44 Mrak Hall
530-754-9384 (office)
530-304-4499 (mobile)

Gregory Urquiaga profile

Gregory Urquiaga

44 Mrak Hall
530-752-5617 (office)
530-219-7706 (mobile)

Joe Proudman in forest

Joe Proudman

Multimedia Specialist
44 Mrak Hall