Marketing Communications

Marketing fosters pride in UC Davis and awareness of its strengths by providing the research foundation, messaging and communication products/tools that structure and promote the brand, advance integrated marketing and strategically position the university. We develop and implement the Integrated Marketing Plan and provide strategic communications guidance and partnership, both overall and for individual units. We bring communicators from across the university together through the Communications Council, convened monthly during the academic year.

Marketing leads research initiatives that inform communications decision-making and establishment of sound metrics. We provide leadership in content strategy and promote the university through advertising, sponsorships and other opportunities, and raise revenue and increase brand presence through the Trademark/Licensing Program.

Linda Forbes with a globe

Linda Forbes

Associate Director of Marketing
530-752-9839 (office)

Doug Kouba's portrait

Doug Kouba

Assistant Director of Marketing, Trademarks and Licensing 
334 Mrak Hall

Lori Arcangel Wright

Lori Arcangel Wright

Project Manager
334 Mrak Hall