Pat Bailey

Science and agriculture content provider

Pat Bailey in a vineyard


334 Mrak Hall
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Pat delights in peering over the shoulders of UC Davis researchers as they do fascinating things and then in figuring out how to tell the world about it.

Once convinced she was headed for veterinary school, she instead snagged an English degree in 1977 from UC Davis and headed out to become a small-town newspaper reporter. After six years of writing about school board meetings, almond harvests and local gourmets, she brought that deep knowledge base back to UC Davis.

And sure enough, she did slip into vet school – side door and up the stairs, equipped with a pen rather than a scalpel.  She now writes about and encourages news media coverage of both the School of Veterinary Medicine and the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, especially in the areas of agriculture, animal health, food science and nutrition, and biotechnology.

Her most humbling experience on campus was receiving an Award of Distinction from the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences in 2002. 

Career goal

Place an article about a UC Davis researcher in the Wall Street Journal – complete with etching – or convince Google to create a UC Davis-focused “Doodle.”


Lilacs, stuffed green olives and a good mocha

Slogan for life

Spring always comes.