Recent Awards

Down the Grand Canyon rapids
CASE District VII Grand Gold Award - 2017

A Journey of Science, Education and Discovery

  • “UC Davis Grand Canyon Website”
  • Grand Gold regional CASE winner, digital communications
  • Gold regional CASE winner, individual sub-websites
  • Gold regional CASE winner, innovative use of technology

After documenting a watershed sciences class trip to the Grand Canyon, we wanted our audiences to feel like they were there with us. Our immersive, mobile-friendly website took them on a virtual version of the adventure, featuring 360-degree videos, audio clips and an interactive map.

Undergraduate Admissions 2016-17 Viewbook
CASE District VII Gold Award - 2017

Small but Mighty

  • “Undergraduate Admissions 2016-17 Viewbook”
  • Gold regional CASE winner, student recruitment publications

Traditional college recruitment brochures tend to be large, with the assumption that bigger is better. We took the opposite approach and went with a small version that would stand out from the pack. Our viewbooks continue to offer memorable visuals and engaging content, and the new 8-by-6¼-inch size reflects our university’s commitment to sustainability, an attribute that resonates strongly with students.

Photo: Henlight inventor Edward Silva
CASE District VII Bronze Award - 2017

Spotlight on Alumni Innovation

  • “Henlight”
  • Bronze regional CASE winner, individual photography

Henlight inventor Edward Silva was featured in a UC Davis Magazine story about young alums using technology to tackle global challenges. His small, solar-powered “hen light” helps small-scale poultry farms encourage more consistent egg production year-round. Our photographer beautifully captured Silva’s connection to agriculture and the light he harnesses to support the world’s food supply.

Photo: Students at Nankoweap
CASE District VII Bronze Award - 2017

Ultimate Classroom

  • “Students at Nankoweap”
  • Bronze regional CASE winner, individual photography

Our photographer documented a watershed sciences class trip to the Grand Canyon, and this image encapsulates the majestic beauty of their adventure. It also tells a story about dynamic learning experiences at UC Davis and our role to protect and sustain the environment.

Screenshot: Campus home page
CASE District VII Bronze Award - 2017

Student-centric Site

  • “UC Davis Home Site”
  • Bronze regional CASE winner, best practices in communication and marketing

Extensive research and best practices guided our campus home site redesign, resulting in a modern, easy-to-use site that centers around the needs of prospective students without alienating other key audiences. Within 10 months of the launch, the site received 4 million more page views compared to the year before, and nearly a million more visitors.

LCD display: Put an end to sexual violence
CASE District VII Silver Award - 2017

Upstanding Aggies

  • “UC Davis Sexual Violence Awareness and Education Campaign”
  • Silver regional CASE winner, public relations, media relations and community relations projects
  • Platinum MarCom award, integrated marketing campaign

We produced the design for this integrated marketing campaign targeted at our student body, using two typographic treatments on posters. One poster introduced the “Upstander” intervention concept, while the other presented “Aggie” as an acronym for the best course of action to follow when responding to sexual violence.

Print ad: One California
CASE District VII Gold Award - 2016

The Future of Ag

  • “The Future of Ag Starts Here,” “The Future of Farming Looks Good”
  • Gold regional CASE winners, advertising campaigns and commercial spots

This statewide ad campaign used two creative approaches, wit and emotional storytelling, to reach two target audiences and convey our roles as educator, partner and leader in California agriculture. It also promoted regional pride in farming, producing and ranching.

Screen shot: Front page of the online Annual Report
CASE District VII Silver Award - 2016

Building the University of the 21st Century

  • “UC Davis’ 2014-15 Annual Report: Carrying on our tradition”
  • Silver regional CASE winner, institutional relations publications

Bold imagery, short bios and infographics transform the traditional annual report into a strategic companion piece for a mobile-friendly web report enhanced with multimedia.

Photo: Rose Truong
CASE Circle of Excellence Bronze Award

Vision Finder

  • “News Feature Video”
  • Bronze national CASE winner, general informational video

Originally created for a campus spirit-building campaign, this video highlighting an engineering student’s ingenuity was so compelling that we repurposed it to anchor a feature story on the UC Davis website.

Magazine cover: HIV's True Colors
CASE District VII Gold Award - 2016

HIV’s True Colors

  • “UC Davis Magazine Fall 2014 Cover”
  • Gold regional CASE winner, magazine covers

This UC Davis Magazine cover conveys the “Trojan horse”-like aspects of HIV. It uses other viruses to mask itself as it enters the body, a discovery made at UC Davis. The vibrant red background grabs the reader’s attention.

Viewbook cover: It's Happening HERE at UC Davis
CASE District VII Silver Award - 2016

It’s Happening HERE at UC Davis

  • “Undergraduate Admissions Viewbook: Here”
  • Silver regional CASE winner, student recruitment publications

We used the concept of “Here” with outstanding visuals to demonstrate that UC Davis is everywhere making positive change. We also wanted students to visualize themselves here, as part of our community. Bucking convention, we chose smaller-sized materials to reflect our commitment to sustainability.

Screenshot: Centralized calendar page
CASE District VII Bronze Award - 2016

Centralized UC Davis Calendar

  • “New Campuswide Calendar System”
  • Bronze regional CASE winner, innovative use of technology

A much-needed campus calendar overhaul centralized events, standardized event registration and streamlined the search process. Internal and public use of the new calendar skyrocketed, as did overall event attendance.

Photo: Veterinarian John Madigan loops a rope harness around a maladjusted foal.
CASE District VII Bronze Award - 2016

Newborn Foals May Offer Clues to Autism

  • “The News Super Story”
  • Bronze regional CASE award, media relations projects

We produced a “super story” from research findings about a possible connection between distressed foal births and human autism. Our multimedia package garnered record-breaking interest among targeted audiences and reinforced our reputation in equine and autism medicine.