Our Unique Community Starts with You

Photo: Big posters on the side of Bainer Hall

One of a kind posters on the side of Bainer Hall.


  • Developed campaign mantra on being an Aggie
  • Highlighted diversity, collaboration, problem solving
  • Custom landing page and video
  • Campus installations
  • Lamppost banners on campus with logo
  • Posters for Office of Research
  • Themed viewbook and admit brochure
  • Campaign subjects featured in Dateline
  • Promoted on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Contest at “The Buzz” new student welcome event
  • Promotion calendar and shareable links


UC Davis is highly regarded for its standout academics, research innovation and teamwork, but it’s also known for being modest when it comes to sharing achievements. So, how do you demonstrate the university’s strengths to prospective students in a way that is compelling while staying true to its brand personality? At the same time, how do you get your internal audience — faculty, staff and students — on board to participate in and support your efforts?

Audience research and feedback from internal partners and focus groups led us to the following insight: the university’s accomplishments only tell part of the UC Davis story. The often unsung heroes behind the success and their diverse stories give university successes meaning and resonance. Likewise, prospective students are more than their grades and application essays. They each have a unique backstory and passion. We wanted them to know our community, and feel welcome here.

With this in mind, we put the UC Davis community at the center of the campaign, and called it “UC Davis. One of a Kind, Like You.


The campaign was successful by all accounts. UC Davis received a record number of applications from high school and community college students, as well as increases in applications from underrepresented populations, including African American and Hispanic students.

The campaign also instilled Aggie pride in the campus community. New students were excited to participate in the contest, and the wall installations and posters were well received. All told, we received:

  • 468,400 social media impressions
  • 80,000+ views of manifesto video
  • 80,650 views of profile videos
  • Boosted post on Facebook yielded more than 27,000 additional video views at only $.02 per view
  • 68,900 social media engagements (clicks, comments, shares)
  • 54,683 campaign video views
  • 24,136 website views
  • 151 photos submitted to the Buzz photo booth contest
Photo: Rose Truong tile on One of a Kind landing page
Photo: One of a kind posters at the Welcome Center
Photo: One of a kind steps at the Buehler Center
Screenshot: Photo contest social media