Aaron Cheesman

portrait of Aaron chessman

Position Title
Marketing Writer

  • Marketing Communications

As the Strategic Communications Marketing Writer, Aaron starts each project with a big idea, then adds words until it also seems like a good idea.

Raised a suburban Gen-Xer, he escaped Orange County in the late eighties to make multi-year stops in San Diego (to attend college), South Korea and Japan (to teach English), the Bay Area (to teach dot com stuff) and Detroit (to inadvertently make a rather late start as a copywriter).

A Sacramentan since 2005, Aaron has written for local advertising agencies, nonprofits, comedy troupes, and print publications including Comstock’s and Sacramento Magazine. He joined the UC Davis staff in 2019.


I studied writing, literature, and somehow also engineering, at UC San Diego during the Seinfeld administration.

A random fact about me

…is that I love random facts. As a kid, I would read and reread Trivial Pursuit cards to pass the time on long drives.

Favorite word


Thing that really baffles me

Unshakeable faith in unproven hypotheses

Free-time tendencies

I butcher piano standards, fix my fixer-upper, attend pub quizzes, sweet-talk my wife, and reassure my dog he’s a very good boy. I ignore our cats, and they me.

Most influential quote

I’m often reminded of the immortal words of Socrates who once said, “I drank what?”