Jiaojiao Sun

portrait of JiaoJiao Sun

Position Title
Market Research and Insights Analyst

  • Marketing Communications

Jiaojiao Sun’s first ritual of every day is waking at 7 a.m. and having a self-made breakfast around 8. You can always find new food experiences on her Instagram account. Some friends consider her a food blogger or semi-professional chef. Her desk is full of various kinds of tea: white, green, black, lychee, peach and watermelon. It’s like a museum of tea bags. She will definitely share her tea story with you if you ask.

Surprisingly, this food lover is the analytical brain at UC Davis Strategic Communications. If you need research and analysis, internal or external, Jiaojiao is your go-to. Her career story is just as colorful as her tea bags. Before joining UC Davis, Jiaojiao worked in advertising agencies in Florida, South Carolina, and even China. She started her career as a copywriter and later as an art director. After receiving her master’s degree in advertising from University of Florida, she finally committed to market analysis and worked as a consumer insight analyst serving clients such as LG, Whirlpool, Progressive, Church’s Chicken and more. 

When not at work, you may find her trying to capture sunlight with her camera, running on campus with smart-looking sneakers, or more likely, tasting fresh baked bread at the farmers market. 

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Maple Bacon

Random Fact About Me

A little OCD, but just a little